Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Brighton Haul - Boys Addition

Morning all,

As you will know from yesterdays post , it was a struggle to get the boys to do much trying on , so honestly we did not get as much as I was hoping. In fact most of Finley's items are guess work - although this is due to the fact the changing rooms are NOT on the kids floor in Primark! What is that about? 

I hope the websites are going to kinder to me in today's post though at least!

We started in Zara ...

Bermuda Shorts - Brads are in mint , although there are other colours available too. I might go back for more myself as now I know what size he is ( both my boys seem to have no waist which makes me very jealous indeed!)

Leaf Print Bermuda Trunks - Lime Green , also come in Turquoise. 

This I think is gorgeous. Finley wouldn't try it on though so I just grabbed a 4-5 & hope that it fits! Mao Collar Shirt.

I had to take Finley to the baby boy section for his shorts. I think the colour of these Twill Bermuda Shorts ( apple green) is gorgeous. They do have other colours on the website but I couldn't see any in store. I think I for see a huge Zara online haul coming up don't you?

Then after a quick McDonalds ( I know , dire but it kept the smalls happy after having to try clothes on,) we headed to Next.

Vest Pyjamas 2 pack - These were a huge hit with Bard purely for the Basketball theme going on! 

Both pairs of jean are the pull on kind. I cannot find the top pair but here is the 2nd pair , which comes in a dark wash too.

It started to go downhill in H&M so...

...we just came away with these. I want to call them Chinos but actually the website is saying Twill Trousers. Relaxed Fit!

Last stop, for Fin only where it was mainly guess work ,l although we did get him to at least try on a pair of the chinos & the jeans ( in the middle of the shop because we could not be bothered to go down in the lift with an armful of clothes to find an actual fitting room!) Of course , as most will probably know the Primark site is rubbish so I will just pop the prices under the photos for you instead. I am nice like that! Everything is the Rebel label apart from the Minion Shirt.

Chinos £5. 

Cuff Leg Jeans - £6

Minion Tee £4

Chimp tee & the Pirate tee both £3 each

Check shorts- £6

Denim Shorts - £6

There was so many lovely things but the boys just were not in the mood & this put me off thinking about photographing anything else!! Like I say , I will have a trip on my own soon.

Thank you so much for reading

See you soon

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